H H Sheikh Maktoum

The President

Fujairah Club is proud to have Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamad Al Sharqi as his Chairman

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamad Al Sharqi gave Al Fujairah Club unlimited support through out the years, and positively contributed to U.A.E. sport movement though his long engagement and experience in the sports field.

During the past few years His Highness Sheikh Maktoum’s vision came true in reality and Fujairah football club started running with the latest professional international football clubs in terms of facilities and foundations.

His Highness’s unlimited support was a very strong influence on the growth of the sports industry in the emirate of Fujairah and it had the most noticeable part for the accomplishment and success of the first football team for Fujairah Club by rising to the professional rising clubs.

The sport street in Fujairah in particular witnesses the direct development and unselfish of the sports engineer in Fujairah, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi which promoted progressive accomplishments in the degree of sports and the degree of improvement of sport facilities

The successes of Fujairah football club are not restricted to moving into the professional football league, however they are joined by great success for the youth teams in the club in different Sports during their participations in different nation tournaments And accomplishing progressed positions just as the tremendous development in the creation of the foundation of Fujairah club and the modernization of all buildings and facilities and adding new ones and continues work to develop without stopping