historical backdrop of Fujairah club returns to the sixties, when youngsters of Fujairah used to assemble in their populated zones to play their number 1 game, football, and they started sorting out it in the emirate, including Muhammad Khatam and Ibrahim Al-Ahbash, who are considered among the main youngsters who attempted to build up this young social event.

Where they used to play the round of causal football and that was in 1966, yet the inescapable of football was a consequence of the opening of schools in the emirate, which was regulated by the public authority of Kuwait at that point, as the greater part of instructors had experience with football and attempted to move to understudies among other students. These are professor abdul salam khalaylah, one of the principle instructors who was available in the emirate, and later held the situation of Director of the Fujairah Municipality, where he headed towards shaping a games group inside the school and his movement was restricted at the beginning to the school boundaries where matches were held distinctly between students, realizing that there was no club or an foundations that grasps these exercises, in addition to that there were no mottos recognizing each group from the other.

Back then, the football match-up was occurring among the private neighborhood in the emirate, and some tried sincerely and attempted to build up the Fujairah Sports Club, its top managerial staff headed by Ibrahim Al Ahbash, and they took the rooms of the houses as their central command, included football, table tennis and basketball in its activities and was able to attract a number of young people. His management was planning a football stadium and the team was coached by Mr. Abdulsalam al khalayl


The opposition started to heighten with the rise of Al Tadamon club, which depended on the shoulders of Sheikh hamdan and Ali Bin Saif, and was situated in the room zone as its central command, however soon the two clubs declared their consolidation together under the name of Al Fujairah Club, and the club moved to another base camp close to the ocean (Where the Hilton hotel is exactly located) after acquiring a plot of land from the public authority, and its individuals practiced basketball, handball and volleyball, as well as football on pressurized sand courts.

The club stayed in this status until it was promoted in 1972 so the club started its exercises in a very normal regular way, and focused on the framework in power in games alliances, for example, the football association just as the Youth and sports authority, regardless of whether in publicizing, posting games or rehearsing movement, and so on at Al Bidya club with Fujairah Club as per a choice gave in 1947 to bear the name “Fujairah Club” with its red logo.