Tunisian coach Nassif Al Bayawi said that the last league break was organized by the players and interspersed with a preparatory camp with four friendly matches and we in the technical staff are satisfied with the team’s readiness throughout the past period

And I think the players are determined to get the three points starting next Friday’s Match against Khorfkan in the East Coast Derby.

The fate of my team to stay is still in the hands of the players and there is determination to win during the next three rounds of the league and we will take every game individually and there is no place for any bleeding

The players will enter Khorfkan match without calculations and we will fight in the game to win and then for every recent incident whether during Ajman or alwahda

There is no effect on changing the schedule of the professional league matches after postponing alwahda match from the 3rd of This to the next 15, pointing out that alwahda team honored the UAE Asian and therefore we were not affected by the suspension of the match.