Fujairah recovered the tone of its own victories and put an end to its successive defeats and revived its aspirations and ambitions for surviving the win against its guest Shabab Al-Ahly (3-2) at the end of the tenth week of the Arab Gulf League

This victory, which is the second for the “wolves” in the opposition reestablishes the groups trust in the chance of getting away from the hellfire of the bottom, which is by all accounts consuming until the end of the football scene this season, raising its points to 7 points in the 12th place while the “Knights” proceeded to withdraw and drain. While focusing in their chances of getting back to the competition and finding the lead race, after their points were frozen at 14 points, 9 points behind the two chiefs, Sharjah and Al Jazeera.

Fujairah deserved the win constantly thanks to the great tactics and strategies received byt the Serbian coach Goran, as he focused in two fundemntal factors, the first was the psychological groundwork for the gathering, which started the great presence of most of Fujairah players, and the second is the correct reading of the team against them before and during the match, just as an extraordinary craving to win. Furthermore, actual factor that recognized the Fujairah players over the span of the match was the narrowing of spaces and tention on the ball, and the use of counter-attacks and the counter-attacks that lost the defenses of Shabab Al-Ahly’s balance, and resulted 3 goals within 45 minutes.